dok.incubator workshop calls for rough-cut feature docs

DEADLINE: 31st January, 2018

dok.incubator workshop invites directors, editors and producers with feature docs in the rough cut stage to apply. There are many good films, but only a few of them are really excellent, good enough to be selected for competition at the main festivals, to get an international distribution and become an economic as well as an artistic success. What makes the difference?

Over six months, eight teams (each comprising of a director, editor, and producer) will work intensively to sharpen the storytelling, emphasise the film’s unique perspective, and find concrete tools to effectively approach an international audience. You will have access to internationally experienced experts in the world of documentary film and they will guide you in the development of your film, as well as in devising a personalised marketing and distribution strategy. dok.incubator will nurture your project on its journey from a modest rough-cut to a high-end film with the potential to attract attention worldwide.


·       6 months of intensive editingand project development, aiming for picture lock early autumn 2018

·       25 internationally-active filmmakers tutor you throughout the postproduction period

·       Find your film’s unique perspective within an international context

·       Devise your own tailor-made marketing and distribution strategy

·       Participation of your whole creative teams in three intensive week-long workshops (all dates and places are to be confirmed):

1st session: April – Czech Republic / rough cut
2nd session: June – Slovakia / fine cut
3rd session: September – Sweden / near picture lock  

·       The nearly-finished films are introduced to key decision-makers at Nordisk Panorama


The programme opens your film to a testing audience of lecturers, festival representatives, and sales agents for you to receive feedback on your film and distribution strategy.

To apply, please go to www.dokincubator.net