Call for entries: MEDIMED - Euro-Mediterranean Documentary Market & Pitching Forum

The Euro-Mediterranean Documentary Market & Pitching Forum will be held 12-15 October 2017. On its 18th edition MEDIMED will offer a complete roster of networking opportunities, industry conference sessions and market events and services, coupled with the finest in contemporary documentaries from the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean countries.

MEDIMED is calling for entries of new documentary projects-in-development having in place a minimum of 25% of their budget and/or a broadcast guarantee or a co-production agreement. We are looking for European and Southern Mediterranean producers and filmmakers that can provide independently produced documentaries, projects engaging in creative risks, advancing issues and presenting points of views not often seen on television. Selected projects will be pitched at the central Pitching Forum moderated by John Marshall or at the newly designed ANTI-pitch program in case they are in a final production stage.

The goal is to help documentary projects that are in an early or rough-cut stage, to find the financial and production means and the editorial storytelling line to complete the project.

We are also looking for finished Europeandocumentary productions of any genre produced in 2016 or 2017.

Entry Forms are available on this website.

The deadline for the submission of both programmes and projects is due JUNE 30 JULY 31. They can be registeredfree of charge and are subject to selection by an international jury.